Kingdom Culture Parenting

Hi, I’m Mikaela Vincent. Our family has been serving overseas in a dark area of the world where few have heard of Christ and Christians are persecuted. I know how easy it is to feel isolated, longing for others to walk alongside you, pray for you, and mentor you along your Christian parenting journey.

Following the Lord’s leading, I began this group as a place where Christian parents can encourage each other as we raise our children up to walk as one with Christ and others.

Our original Kingdom Culture Parenting Group is on Facebook. We’re still there, if you’d like to join us. But because so many were transitioning off social media, we also opened up this site as a place where we can stay in contact. (We’re just getting started here, so please forgive any hiccups along the way. And please also forgive all the ads WordPress puts up; I don’t get to choose those.)

Want to join us? Sign up below, and then start getting to know each other here.

Welcome to Kingdom Culture Parenting!

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Helping Our Children Love

This question was asked: “Does anyone have any great ideas for ways to reward your children for times they go out of their way to be really helpful without being asked?” I loved Dana Johansen’s answer so much, I asked her if I could share it with you: “We do a ‘caught in the act’ jar.… Continue reading Helping Our Children Love

Help Your Children to Freedom

What makes your child anxious or afraid? What causes her to withdraw or lash out? What moves him to disobey or feel like he doesn’t measure up? If you’re looking for some tips for helping your children break free from the strongholds and lie-thoughts that distress them, take a look at the special section for… Continue reading Help Your Children to Freedom

Asking Forgiveness

“I was wrong. Please forgive me.” Asking forgiveness is so vital to life as the body of Christ, and yet, I’ve met few Christians who do it.  Some pretend at it with a “Sorry, but YOU….!!!!!”  That’s not an apology. It’s an accusation. Excuse my language, but “Sorry but…”s are for sorry butts! I’ve honestly… Continue reading Asking Forgiveness

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Dare to Be a Man of God

Do you feel rather unremarkable? Except when people are angry at you, of course. Then they tend to have a lot to say. And it’s not very nice. Well, you’re in good company. Isaiah 53:2 says people didn’t take much notice of Jesus’ appearance, either. And self-important people got pretty angry at even the good…

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Prayer Journal for Young Men

Help your teens and single sons walk in integrity, listen to God, follow His lead, overcome lies with truth, break free from habitual sins, find the godly wife He has prepared for him, and love others well DARE TO BE A MAN OF GOD PRAYER JOURNAL accompanies the deep devotional Bible study for ages 14+:…

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