Kingdom Culture Parenting

Hi, I’m Mikaela Vincent. Our family has been serving overseas in a dark area of the world where few have heard of Christ and Christians are persecuted. I know how easy it is to feel isolated, longing for others to walk alongside you, pray for you, and mentor you along your Christian parenting journey.

Following the Lord’s leading, I began this group as a place where Christian parents can encourage each other as we raise our children up to walk as one with Christ and others.

Our original Kingdom Culture Parenting Group is on Facebook. We’re still there, if you’d like to join us. But because so many were transitioning off social media, we also opened up this site as a place where we can stay in contact. (We’re just getting started here, so please forgive any hiccups along the way. And please also forgive all the ads WordPress puts up; I don’t get to choose those.)

Want to join us? Sign up below, and then start getting to know each other here.

Welcome to Kingdom Culture Parenting!

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A Prayer for Our Children

Lord, we ask You, please, for our children. Guard their hearts. Watch over them as they play. Keep their minds and eyes and hearts and bodies pure. Don’t let any hurt or harm come to them. Give them a hunger for You, Lord, that drives them to read the Bible; and each time they do,…

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When it’s hard to wash someone’s feet, step on into the water!

Tap into My everlasting, all-abundant, never-ending flow, and let Me rush through you like a mighty River, overflowing your “on-edges” and spilling out onto everyone around you, … effortless and true, … because I am the One flowing in you, and you are overflowing with Me….

Don’t Get Lost in the Wilderness

The wilderness isn’t just a place of testing, but of breathtaking beauty and unrivaled intimacy with the Father.